5 ways you can stay safe online:

5 ways you can stay safe online:

The online world can sometimes be a daunting place for first time users. The internet, specifically social media, can be an enjoyable place that can give you and your business an effortless way to promote work. Here are some tips that we employ at Shoo, which can help you with keeping your personal life and your business safe online.

1)    Creating strong passwords

This tip is the simplest but most crucial factor for keeping safe online. Creating complex and unique passwords for your critical accounts is important for keeping you and your data safe online. Try to think of different passwords for each account, which therefore prevents hackers from accessing multiple accounts.

Find it hard to remember all your passwords? Simple. Today, there are numerous ways to store all your passwords in a safe place. Software such as Apple iCloud Keychain, McAfee password manager and Google can help you log into accounts fast and easy with just a click of the button, all whilst ensuring your security is not compromised.

2)    Think before you click!

Have you ever seen advertisements for services such as weight loss information, quizzes or free offers? Carelessly clicking on adverts such as these is one of the easiest ways to allow viruses onto your computer. These viruses can hack into your personal accounts and data, or you may be tricked into revealing your personal information. Consequently, your software can be affected by harmful malware. Before you click on an advert, think.

3)    Secure ALL your devices

A crucial step to keep safe online and avoiding cyber-attacks is to install protection on your devices. If you don’t install protection programs, you may be at risk of malicious software and malware accessing your devices that can infect your laptops, mobiles and computers; this grants hackers the chance to access your personal or businesses information.

4)    Think before you post

Whether this is your personal or business social media accounts, you should always think before you post. Every time you post something online it leaves a digital footprint that creates a reputation about yourself or your business. It can make you vulnerable to identity theft, cyber stalking or possibly lead to hackers accessing your information immediately.

Another way to keep safe online is to refine your privacy settings. Platforms such as Facebook allow you to adjust who sees your post, whether it’s your friends, friends of friends or everyone; YOU can decide who sees. This allows you to gain more control over your personal information, however it is important to remember that posting anything online will always leave footprint no matter how private.

5)    Beware of phishing

Phishing is a commonly used method of accessing your personal data. This involves misleading websites and emails tricking the recipient into giving their personal information. These could be requests from banks, emails from companies requesting you to confirm your bank details, address date of birth, etc.

To combat this and limit the risk for your business or personal life you must double check websites. You can do this by checking the spellings in the URL before you click or investigate the email/website to see if it looks suspicious. Most importantly, do NOT give away personal information until you know that it is trustworthy. You can also directly contact the company to see if they have been trying to reach you, however it is common that businesses and banks do not contact you in this way.  

Staying safe online is easy, you just need to stay alert and be vigilant. If it seems too good to be true, it is most likely is. Following the steps above will allow you to enjoy the internet and stay safe online.

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