Top 5 most engaging content ideas for businesses on Instagram

With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is the ultimate platform for marketing. 

Instagram’s aesthetic layout opens up countless opportunities to help generate engaging content for businesses. Brands in fashion and food hold a more visual nature, therefore find it relatively easy to create impressive content. However, for others, it isn’t so simple. 

Undoubtedly, it can be hard for most businesses based in the service industry to conjure striking content. However, your company may just be after some fresh and attention grabbing content ideas. 

So, are you looking to spice up your feed? 

Adopt these 5 creative ideas, guaranteed to grab your customer’s attention and keep them coming back for more. 

5 Creative and Engaging Content Ideas 

1) Showcase your client’s success 

Showing off a satisfied customer is an easy strategy that proves what your company has to offer. Why not use your Instagram profile to congratulate colle

agues and customers on their milestones? This can help present your brand as motivated and memorable. Who doesn’t want that? 

2) Sales announcement

Instagram is a useful channel for promoting sales and updating your customers on any upcoming projects and promotions. 

85% of shoppers admit that colour is a key factor considered when purchasing a product. So, why not use colours in your posts. Red, blue and green are all known to trigger active emotions and better still, proven to boost your sales. 

See how Starbucks used a unique visual to grab their followers attention for an upcoming sale.

3) Unique ways to use your product

Many people scroll through the internet in search of alternative ways to use their products,  or simply for DIY inspiration. 

Excite your customers by demonstrating new ways on how to utilise your products on Instagram. Or, make your post seasonal. For example, on Mother’s Day or Christmas relate your posts to these occasions, making your post relevant and stand out even more. 

4) Behind the scenes 

Humanising your brand is an instant and refreshing way to keep your customers continually returning. 

Post a staff picture, or even a funny and entertaining video. Showing the fun side of your workplace is an easy way of converting your brand’s signature to a motivated outlook. 

This exceptional strategy will help you standout from the crowd, making you that much more relatable. 

5) Create a photo collage on your feed 

Around 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day. So, it is important to make your Instagram grid represent your business in the best way possible. 

So, to grid or not to grid? That is the question. 

This ambitious method is quite tricky, but once pulled off will give your brand a polished demeanour and a tasteful aesthetic. Making your grid unified and visually pleasing will leave a lasting impression ofnew visitors. 

The app Planoly uploads photos automatically for you, at a scheduled time. This app effectively executes a seamless grid for your brand, so you don’t have to.


Use these tips and tricks to reinvent your brand, as these quirky and unique content ideas will reimagine your brand in a way that no other business on Instagram could! 

What content ideas have you adopted within your Instagram business? We would love to know!

By Ella Berry, Shoo Academy