We guarantee to deliver a positive return on investment. 

Our purpose is to surround your business with the right people, to help you grow and achieve more. We believe it is important to be social both online and offline to develop long lasting relationships; helping others and giving back are key to our business model with 10 to 20% of our time dedicated to the community and charity work.

How do we help?

We do this through delivering the right solutions and support to businesses in order to enhance their brand awareness and build powerful connections online. Cutting edge tools and techniques are used to ensure what we do works, in the real world, while saving you time to concentrate on what you are best at.

In order to support, guide and help, we first need to understand your business. Therefore, trust, loyalty and honesty are important to us so we can really get to the heart of helping out.

The value we truly create for a business are results based around brand awareness, generating new business opportunities and time saving and is delivered through any of the following social media areas:

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Training
  • Social Selling
  • Social Advertising

Social Media Training:

We deliver bespoke sessions to meet the business needs of our clients; ranging from 1:1 sessions, small group, workshops, seminar and public speaking.
These are just some of the key questions that regularly come up that we explore and answer:

How do I raise my brand awareness using social media?

What should I post on social media and who should post it?

How do I identify which social media platforms to focus on?

What will a social media strategy do for my business? How do I create one?

How do I get sales from social media?

What is the point of social media and how do I quantify my return on investment?

Social Media Training & Management:

This package is really great for those businesses who have a social media champion or marketing team in place.

Support in building confidence to manage your social media in house, in a professional and constructive way.

Develop a social media strategy and content plan based around key performance indicators that link to your marketing and business objectives.

Develop and nurture a good following across the right social media platforms, at the right times.

We will set-up accounts and get to know your business ensuring your tone of voice for your social media is just right.

You will learn time saving tips, tricks, useful tools and the most effective ways to save time.

We also deliver the right training sessions to support you / your team.

We will run your social media accounts for up to 6 months. After this, we will continue to support your business until you are ready to go it alone.

Social Media Fully Managed & Strategy Management:

This package is ideal for those businesses who don’t have the time, expertise or willingness to use social media to support their business objectives. They want to outsource to an expert.

We will really get to know your business and ensure the tone of voice on social media is just right for your brand and target audience.

Maintain regular social media strategy sessions and points of contact to inform social media activity.

Implementation of strategy that links in with your overall marketing strategy with KPI’s identified.

Provide weekly insights and monthly reports showing key metrics that helps quantify your return on investment.

We will professionally and confidentially manage your social media accounts.

Over 100 tailored posts per month will be crafted for your business. Key supporting, bespoke visuals can also be provided.

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